Terminal Speed

by Rockets Dead Glare

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released June 1, 2019


all rights reserved



Rockets Dead Glare

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Track Name: Relic Truth
My problems are a first world type
I’ve got everything to live
But I can’t be satisfied

I’ve got pills for the sorrow
Pills for the pain
Some to make the voices stop
And some to make them stay

But I’d not say I’ve lost control
You cannot lose something
That you never owned

But something inside me
Is dying to get out
Its presence surfaces
These insecurities & doubts

So take it all, I’ve nothing left to give
Relic truth in a world in love with ignorance
The hours now, the time has come
I’ve got nothing left for anyone

My mind’s broke, my soul is numb
I’m California waiting for the rain to come
Like methane spilling from the hills of Porter Ranch
My atmosphere won’t be the same again

We fall apart, it’s no surprise
Chaos is the foundation on which we built our lives
Repression, an obsession that we crave
Searching for a new way to go numb from the pain

We fall apart at the seams
Let’s not kid ourselves, we all knew it was coming
I’m not a prophet, but it’s not hard seeing why
Little white lies born of little white lines
Track Name: Terminal Speed
Show me who it is you are
All your damage and all your scars
All the things you’ve buried so deep
They won’t be found, they won’t be seen

I’m broken, I’m broken, too
We’ll compare scars, compare wounds
Held together by a single thread
One foot on, one off the ledge

I’m falling at terminal speed
Falling, and I’m finally free
Free from the cell our minds created
Free of our shackles, liberated
Free to live life without fear of dying
I’m falling at terminal speed

The ground approaches, impact’s near
I find it funny I’ve got no fear
But this moment’s long overdue
Take me home, I beg you to

Light flickers, time slips away
I let go and forget the pain
Brace for impact, no turning back
I’m your puppet, you’re my marionette
Track Name: And Away We Go
When all is said and done
Did you take a stand?
Or did you turn and run?
We all make our mistakes
But some bend when others break
So let your inhibitions just fall through
And answer your call to arms

If you never take that step
Then you'll never know
So take your deepest breath

And away we go
Let the dynamite explode
Punch a hole right through the ceiling
Let your instincts flow
This world is full of fakes
Who will try to replace and deny you
Don't ever let them think
They have control

When the shadows of doubt close in
Don't let the waiting game
Be the only one you win
You can't swing for the fences
While sitting on the benches
Let your inhibitions just fall through
And answer your call to arms

And at the bottom
All the bottom feeders stay
And watch the apathy tube
Suck their lives away
You can't make waves
If you're afraid to rock the boat
Don't just stay afloat

When all is said and done
I hope you made it count
I hope that you had fun
One blink and it's gone
But our actions carry on
So just let your inhibitions just fall through
And answer your call to arms
Track Name: This Silence Screams
Won’t everybody stop and take a look around
To see what we’ve become
We know we’re in the wrong
Know what’s been done

Blame’s easy to place
Not easy to embrace
I’m on my knees
Ready to accept fate

With fists in the air
Ready to fight
Step out of the shadows
And into the light

It won’t be easy, but it must be done
Me against the world, an army of one
Think what you want, I could give zero fucks
From the bottom, the only way to go is up

Me against the world, me against my mind
There’s never been a foe so hard to fight
Cause every time I pick myself up, I’m right there
To help me self-destruct

I won’t say anything
For fear of my words being used against me
Let’s not lie, truth is in our eyes
You already know what’s on my mind

Something’s don’t need to be said to be heard
Some points can be made without using words
Sometimes the silence is so loud is screams
The innocent convict begs to be free
Track Name: A Song to Change the World
I was gonna write a song to change the world
Then I remembered that I ain’t got shit to say
You haven’t already heard

It was gonna be fuckin’ rad
Then I realized I only know three string chords
And play in dumb punk rock bands

It was gonna be my one and only hit
But I’m to self-deprecating
To finish it

But I’m bored, so I’ll start it up again
Now I’m wondering how this verse should end
And how the next one should begin

I was gonna write a song to change the world
But now it’s starting to sound like
Every song I’ve ever written

So I’m just gonna try to finish it
Cause I’ve got like 10,000 riffs
But can’t write lyrics for shit

Take me back to the days
When I could write anything
Full of angst and arrogant
And too dumb to give a shit

Back, oh, back to the days
When I believed the words I sang
How it felt at the start
Before this cynicism broke my heart

I was gonna write a song to change the world
I think I set the bar too high
Was a little too ambitious

So I’m just gonna try to kill the time
By writing a song for an album I wont make
But if I did, you wouldn’t buy

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