Rockets Dead Glare

by Rockets Dead Glare

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released December 1, 2014


all rights reserved



Rockets Dead Glare

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Track Name: Spitting Lies
t was just as I expected, you were holding back on me
When do you plan on coming clean?
I knew the moment you looked me in the eyes
Your mouth was spitting lies

Woah, take a step back
How dare you talk to me like that
This will go easier if you accept blame
It’s time you owned your mistakes

Then we can say our goodbyes
And each go on with our lives
Say our goodbyes
And become once upon a time

There were two people
Who shared the same dream
People who thought they were meant to be
Two people who had become one
Now they’re done

I should have known we were doomed from the start
You lie so much you can’t tell them apart
But what I’d like to know is did you ever say
One truthful thing to me?

Or was it all just a game?
And am I being played?
Track Name: Errror Of My Ways
I finally picked myself back up
Climbed my way out of the rut that I was in
And oh yeah, it took some time
But now I realize how I fell in

I blamed every thing and one else for the problems I had
Didn’t realize my problems were created by my head
And now I see the error of my ways
Things won’t be the same

And oh yeah, you’d be surprised
When you finally open your eyes, how well you see
And oh yeah, it took some time
But now I realize what happened to me

And I was too blind to, too blind to see
I blamed you for me

I blamed everything, I blamed everyone
For all the things I’ve done, the person I’ve become
Now I see the error of my ways
Things won’t be the same
Track Name: Another Junkie Story
You feel like your life is out of control
Try as you might, you just can’t get a hold of yourself
What a fuckin’ shame, I say
You had such aspirations and such dreams
And now it’s history

What happened to the person that I used to know?
They’d kill their self before they ever lost control
It seems you’ve become everything you hate
Another junkie story, what a tragedy

Look now girl where you’re at, turning tricks just to make some cash
Oh no, your daddy would be ashamed
Well you have no one but yourself to blame
You rolled the dice wanted in the game
Few win, but most lose

What happened to you?
You’re not the person that I once knew
You got fucked up, in too deep
Now the person I know is dead to me
It seems you’ve become everything you hate
Another junkie story, what a tragedy
Track Name: Smart Phones For Stupid People
Take your whispers take your stares
Take all your judgment elsewhere
There’s no place for it here

Take your doubts, take your fears
Leave them at the door my dear
Or they’ll contaminate the air

I asked the lord today to take me from this awful place
The afterlife must beat this suffering we face
His lack of response I took as a sign
There are no shortcuts, wait your turn in line

We all want to die for something but live for nothing
Hostages captive to technology
All I’ve got is my heart that beats
And my mind you can’t take that away from me

Smart phones for stupid people
Tiny brains with giant egos
A plague sent to destroy the earth
All these stupid people giving birth

Digital technology
It’s progress our brains defeat
Lazier we get each day
Machines slowly kill our brains

Politically correct
And oh, so fuckin’ sensitive
Illogical, irrational
It’s time we regained control
Track Name: Tunnel Vision
Why is it that you aren’t listening?
I’m screaming at you, but you still aren’t hearing me
You’d better open up your eyes
Or your tunnel vision will for sure be our demise

I can’t take anymore from you, it’s your move
You’d better open up your eyes

And my threshold has been reached
And I can no longer sit silently
It was only a matter of time
But I guess time wasn’t on our side

Why is it that you still can’t see?
That there’s something wrong with you, and wrong with me
If you don’t open up your eyes
Then I’m gonna be gone before you even realize
Track Name: All Debts Must Be Paid
What is it you’re running from, and where are you running to?
You can run, but not fast enough to escape you
Your dreams turn to nightmares, you can no longer forget
The person you said you’d be, and who you’ve become instead

And I know the feeling, I know it all too well
Trapped inside yourself, a living hell

When all comes crashing down, what will you do?
When it all comes crashing down on you

Fucked up on everything, and anything that you can use
The high will end, but the hangover will keep following you
This just wont go away, ignoring it won’t make it change
Maybe it’s time for a new approach, keep your head on straight

And it’s easier, at least that’s what you think
And it’s easier, at least that’s what they say
But it will find you, all debts must be paid
And it will find you, if it brings you to your grave

Why are you running when you know that there’s no escape?
Track Name: Fake Smiles & Bullshit
Take away everything you’ve given me
Your credit cards, your interest, and fees
Take it all away and I’m still me
Take it away and I’m what’s meant to be

Take away your rules and regulations
Your policies, your do’s and your don’ts
Take it all away and I’m still me
Take it away and I’m what’s meant to be

I am not meant to be caged or controlled
I’m a fucking human being with a heart and soul
I’m not your pet or science project despite what you think
So back the fuck off, leave my life to me

And I don’t depend on you
Despite how you’d love me to
Take your religion, your economy
Take, take it all away from me
Your education and media
Your fucking propaganda

Take your race politics
Your fake smiles & bullshit
Your party affiliation
I secede from your nation
Track Name: Human Amnesia
Peel off my skin and break me down, I’m flesh and bone
Then peel back my flesh and bone, I’m just a soul

And I’m stuck here waiting for my release
For my body to break down and set me free
Stuck as a living organism on a world of misery

We’ve all forgotten where we’re from and why were here
Human amnesia, well soon enough it will reveal

We feel so much more, but it’s just out of reach
Use religion and drugs to find our meaning
Stuck as living organisms awaiting destiny

Memory don’t fail me now
I’ve forgotten where I come from
Like a magnet my soul keeps searching the stars above

We’re all stuck here waiting for our release
For our bodies to break down and set us free
Track Name: Nothing To Offer
A pale moon in a violent sky
Sometimes you don’t need to know why
But I saw you standing there
At that moment I needed you
So I thought I’d take a chance
Nervous as I was, I’d take your hand
I’d stare into your big bright eyes
Tell you I need you by my side

And I don’t have a thing to offer you
But my love
Money, fame, or fortune
I’ve none of the above
Take a risk and give me a chance to be your man
And I promise that I’ll love you
Until my dying breath

So let them say what they want to
Say what they see
Say that you’re too good for me
You know they’re wrong girl
You can see
I’ll give everything to you
If you give everything to me

The earth quakes and the building shakes
The foundation gives way and breaks
Panic sets and you start to cry
But with a glance you catch my eye
And instantly you grow calm
Knowing that I’m with you, you’re not alone
So hold me for a last embrace
And together we’ll leave this place
Track Name: Set Me Free
They want to separate us, you and me
They say to set me free
But they don’t realize that to break us apart
Would be to break apart me

I know I cannot let you go
Your roots have taken hold
And I’m not about to uproot
The better part of me
It’s not as easy as it seems

Yeah they say we’re dangerous
They fear what they can’t understand
They say I’m poisoning you, you’re poisoning me
But I know I’m your cure and you’re the cure for me

Lord break these chains and set me free

Don’t say you understand, know where I’m coming from
If you had any clue, you’d know this ain’t what I want
It’s ain’t some fairy tale, this is my fuckin’ life
Who are you to tell me what is wrong and what is right?
Track Name: The Victim
Cries out in the night fall upon deaf ears
It’s just her and them, no one else to hear
Their carnage, her sorrow, their drunken need for lust
None of them man enough to say, “She’s had enough”

She hits the floor and the lights go out
They have no mercy, no remorse or doubt
Like a pack of wolves, fuckin’ scavengers
They take it all, take everything from her

The public cries out, they’ve had enough
The government can no longer sweep this under the rug
How many of our women must die for you to see?
Indifference doesn’t work, man, it’s action we need

And let’s not let her die in vain
Let her be the spark to ignite social change
Her life, her sacrifice, the greatest of gifts
Least we can do is put an end to it
Track Name: Rockets Dead Glare
The rocket’s dead glare staring you right in the face
Nowhere to hide, it’s made to wipe you off this place
We fight our wars now like we play video games
And we’ll flatten you from ten-thousand miles away

Away with innocent until proven guilty
We’ll assume you’re all terrorists, that’s easy
Easier than separating the two
Enemy combatants and casualties of war like you

Ah, the rules of war have changed
Our troops fight safe out of harms way
Your child’s school might not be so lucky
Our drones aren’t known for their accuracy

Away with rules of war and rule of law
Away with decency and right or wrong
Our troops' safety trumps innocent lives
War’s a deadly game and out of sight means out of mind

Out of sight means out of mind
Our propaganda machine will be controlled
So accidents go unreported and unknown

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