Plugged Out EP

by Rockets Dead Glare

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6 song acoustic EP


released October 6, 2017

Produced and Engineered by Nick Nicioli, Jeff Feuerhaken, and Dustin Keeney
Mixed and Mastered by James Paul Wisner


all rights reserved



Rockets Dead Glare

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Track Name: You Said
Well I know you're not here no more
But I feel you every day
The things that I would do different if I could
I suppose will never change
We're told to not take life for granted
I thought guilty every day
I have a hard time breaking habits
I never learn from my mistakes

And this story has been told
And these pages are worn
Of nothing that hasn't been before

All that I am
Is all that we are
A goddamn mess
And I'm falling apart
And all that we build
And all we create
It still falls short of why we're here
We're here in the first place

Another chance, just one more night
I'd trade in some of my time
If it would bring you back to life
And ain't it tragic how someone has to pass
For us to realize that time's not meant to last

Oh, when I see you again
Oh, on the other side
Your promise dissolves and your pain subsides
So save a spot for me on that eternal beach
The waves are endless and the drinks are free
Oh, won't you save a spot for me?
Track Name: We're Our Problem
I thought I heard you say
Last time would be the last
Time you spoke to me
But I noticed that you're back

And I know I've got problems
And I've got quite a few

But please understand, dear
At times, it will be rough
Dealing with me
Cuz I'm such a fuck up

And I know that I'm at fault
You're also to blame

We've both got problems
My problem's you and your problem's me
Yeah, we're our problems
But I'm worth yours
You're worth it to me

The best things in life don't come easy
I'll be your blessing, be your curse, I'll be your tragedy
And when your mind starts to fail you
You'll still never forget me
Track Name: You Said
If you said I let you down, I wouldn't argue that
Cuz I went from falling hard to falling flat
I know you wanted to invest in me
To bring out the best in me
And I tried, oh I tried

Now I'm packing up these boxes
And leaving it behind

When the ship you're on sets sail
I'm sure you'll trust the course you set
Your bearing never fails
You said, you said
And when you see your paint-chipped nails
You'll think it's all the dirty work
Not a perfect fairytale
You said, you said

I used to think we'd bring this world down to it's knees
But those hopes and dreams are faded like
Images of washed out memories
And all the time it takes to learn from all of my mistakes
Was far, far too long

I see cracks in this foundation that I used to think was strong
So I'm picking up these pieces as I write you this song

I'm sorry I couldn't make it okay
I'm sorry I couldn't find the right words to say
I'm sorry I found it hard to succeed
I'm sorry I wasn't everything you need
The road I travel on is slow
So I don't blame you if you feel like letting go
Track Name: Another Junkie Story
You feel like your life is out of control
Try as you might, you just can’t get a hold of yourself
What a fuckin’ shame, I say
You had such aspirations and such dreams
And now it’s history

What happened to the person that I used to know?
They’d kill themself before they lost control
It seems you’ve become everything you hate
Another junkie story, what a tragedy

Look now, girl, where you’re at
You're turning tricks just to make some cash
Oh no, your daddy would be ashamed
You've got no one but yourself to blame
You rolled the dice wanted in the game
Few win, but most lose

What happened to you?
You’re not the person I once knew
You got fucked up, in too deep
The person I know is dead to me
It seems you’ve become everything you hate
Another junkie story, what a tragedy
Track Name: Error Of My Ways
I finally picked myself back up
Climbed my way out of the rut that I was in
And oh yeah, it took some time
But I realize how I fell in

I blamed every thing and one else for the problems I had
I didn’t realize my problems were created by my head
And now I see the error of my ways
Things won’t be the same

And oh yeah, you’d be surprised
When you finally open your eyes, how well you see
And oh yeah, it took some time
But now I realize what happened to me

And I was too blind to, too blind to see
I blamed you for me

I blamed everything, I blamed everyone
For all the things I’ve done, the person I’ve become
Now I see the error of my ways
Things won’t be the same
Track Name: Fall From Grace With Grace
If these are my final days on this earth
I'd want to share them with you
I'd only hope you'd feel the same way, too
I'd like to say I have no regrets
Like you're supposed to do
But there's something beautiful
In the tragedy, that's truth

I can't predict the future
But I've got this feeling in my bones
Please don't be afraid, cuz I'm not
I'm ready to go home

If I could take one thing from this place
It'd be my memories of your shining face
And as I fall from grace
I try to fall with grace

And I can't predict the future
But I've got this funny feeling in my bones
And please don't be afraid, cuz I'm not
I'm ready to go home

And the seasons change
The times rise and fall
The earth will keep on spinning
Once I've left it all
And I know your heart will hurt
But hear me as I say
My life was made worth living
By your presence in this place

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